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فرصت های شغلی در اتریش – شماره 1

دوستان در جست و جوی کار ساکن #وین در اتریش که تسلط بسیار کامل به زبان انگلیسی به همراه یک زبان اروپایی دوم ( آلمانی ، فرانسوی و … ) داشته باشند و سایر شرایط که در زیر آمده است را دارا هستند ، می توانند در رویداد استخدامی شرکت هواپیمایی ویز ایر در تاریخ 28 یونی شرکت کنند :



We are looking for young, cheerful people full of energy who would like to join us as a Flight Attendant / Cabin Crew in our Vienna base! ✈️ Be the next one who will discover the world with us. ? This is an Open recruitment event, so no invitation is needed for joining. Just be prepared, sit back and relax. ?

➡️What can I expect during the event?⬅️

– Company presentation

– Short personal introduction

– Situational roleplay

– Team play

– Interview

⌚️ When should I arrive? ⌚️

The introduction will start sharply on time at 9:00AM, so please arrive accordingly!

? What should I take with me? ?

An up-to-date English CV and an ID photo

⏳ How long does the event last? ⏳

Please be prepared that it may take till the late afternoon.

? How is the life of a WIZZ Cabin crew member? ?

? Making excellent customer service and creating a friendly atmosphere onboard

? Managing in-flight sales and cash handling

? Properly executing the duties related to the safety of the aircraft and the passengers, while maintaining consistency with the highest ethical standards

? Welcoming passengers with a smile and helping them during the flight

? Arriving at work on time, adequately rested and properly groomed in order to manage these tasks on the highest level

✔️ How can you become one? ✔️

? You are aged 18 or over

? You have a minimum height of 165cm (ladies) or 175cm (gentlemen) with an arm reach of 210cm while standing on tiptoes

? You have a high school degree

? You are fluent – written and spoken – in English and in an additional Central Eastern European language

? You have a valid passport without limitations (minimum 6 months)

? You are able to swim

? You live or ready to move within 60 minutes of your chosen base and prepared to make this journey upon work schedule

? You don’t have tattoos and/or piercing on parts of the body that are visible when wearing a uniform

? Please note that if you wear glasses or contact lenses and your prescription are above +4 or below -4 you are unlikely to pass the mandatory medical examination

? What can WIZZ offer me? ?

? Competitive salary

? Stable job in a rapidly developing company

? A friendly and multicultural work environment

? Career opportunities

? Discounts on flights & bonus airline tickets (even for your family and friends)

? New challenges every day

? Complete and free Cabin Crew training

? Work is according to a duty roster (schedule) published monthly, 2-weeks beforehand

Please note, that you may participate on any of the Open Recruitment Day events to be selected for one of the Base cities you prefer.

? Ready to discover more? ?

Visit our website at

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